Why is it so hard for an 18 year old to get it?

February 5, 2011

I have raised both my children to have respect for all people. They were raised with manners and taught the true ways of life. My youngest son was diagnosed with ADHD/ODD when he was very young. It was a struggle through life to keep him under control. After getting his medication right life got easier. After years of┬ácounseling, medication and a lot of hard work, life for him was normal as it could get. In his early teen years he wanted to go off his meds. I agree’d as long as he could control himself. He did very well. Then he started to show signs of depression. I got him back into counseling but he had a bit of a set back. He got into trouble at school and ended up in our local mental hospital for a week. I thought things were good. Now through the years he has had very aggressive outbursts towards male figures in his life. He says he doesn’t remember things when this happens and regrets it terribly afterwards. Or so he says. He has learned that crying like a baby and saying your sorry is suppose to fix it all. His father is bipolar and about 10 years ago we were told that my son was not. Well now I no longer think that is correct. He is 18 years old, has no job, is finishing his last semester of high school and does nothing unless asked. This has been going on for a few years. I can no longer take the verbal disrespect, the actual disrespect for me and our home. His step-dad is a marine and recently has been deployed and will be gone for 12-14 months. He walks all over me, uses me, and disrespects me, my husband, and our home. He is lazy and thinks that life is revolving around him. He makes a half tailed attempt at finding a job and thinks that I am made of money.

My question, is it wrong to give him a time limit to get it together and move out?


We are in this world but NOT OF THIS WORLD

December 2, 2010

People have yet to realize that if you were raised in church, are washed and saved by the blood of Jesus Christ, you can be in this world all you want but will not be happy nor find happiness until you are back in the perfect will of God. If you are hanging around with or associating with people who are in this world, you may think that you are happy and things are great. I lived in the world for years and to the outside world view I had it all and lived a great life but I knew inside that I was not living the way I should and I felt out-of-place all the time.

When you have a parent/parents that pray for you while you are away from the will of God, you can run all you want but you will be reminded of where you are to be. If you are dating someone who is not of the same mold as you (made in the image of God) then you will not be able to mesh with them until you are both walking and living in the perfect will of God. I wish people would realize this and accept that they will not get along or make things work until they get their lives straight and complete with Jesus Christ.

God bless

Hello world!

April 22, 2010

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